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Antiquarian Horologists

Clock sales and repairs, restoration of all clocks and barometers.

Telephone 01488 682277


What do we do in a full service?

All our servicing is based on a holistic approach.  The movement is dismantled and all parts are thoroughly cleaned and checked for wear.  If any wear is found this is removed before reassembly, oiling and testing.  If replacement parts are needed, these are readily available for more modern clocks.  However, for the majority of our work we make new parts by hand.  We will never just replace a part (e.g. a broken spring) without the full dismantling, cleaning and checking process.  This ensures that we give our customers the best possible service by correcting any other deficiencies while the clock is dismantled.  It is also the only basis on which we can provide a three-year guarantee.


What happens next?

Customers are naturally interested in how long the servicing will take and how much it will cost.  
The answer to both these questions is that it is impossible to generalise. Every single clock needs an individual approach and this determines both the time needed and the cost.  What we do provide is a cost estimate following an initial examination and prior to starting any work.  Once this is accepted we do our best to keep to this. If, when the work is under way, it becomes clear that additional work is needed not allowed for in the original estimate, the customer will always be asked if they wish to proceed or have their clock returned. However, we reserve the right to make a charge for the work already carried out. We also try to give some idea of how long the work will take


What guarantee do we give?

We are justifiably proud of our comprehensive three-year guarantee which is provided on all our work.  This covers all parts and labour and ensures that customers can have confidence in the quality of our work.  Unusually, it also covers mainsprings.  If, once you get your clock home, you need help in setting it up and adjusting it, we are happy initially to offer advice by telephone.  However, if this is not successful, we will call out to set it up for you but this may incur an additional charge.


How often should I have my clock serviced?

We have the ability & experience to be able to service and restore a whole range of clocks from the 16th Century through to the present day.
We are always asked how often should a clock be serviced and the answer is simply there is no fixed period. A clock is as individual as its owner but it will depend on a number of factors, such as previous repairs as well as the environment it's kept in.
Simply put, come to us when something goes wrong or it becomes erratic & unreliable.
If it's consistently gaining or loosing then it may only need an adjustment rather than any complex (and costly) repairs.

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