Back to basics

Life with CV19

As a small business we very much value our relationship with you, our customers.

To this effect we will be introducing safeguarding measures to protect you as well as us.


As from the opening of the shop on the 15th June 2020, and lifting of government restrictions we will be operating a locked shop policy, so access will be via the door entry system to the right hand side of the door.

Inside life is as it was, we are happy to receive customers as well as those who wish to browse but this will be strictly limited to 1 member of staff per visiting family or people from the same household.


We will of course provide hand sanitizer for your use on the counter but would ask anyone who has been in contact with anyone displaying the symptoms of Covid19 to please not visit and to self-isolate in accordance with the Gov guidelines.


Should any of our staff, or families of staff display any symptoms then we will be closing the shop for 14 days and deep cleaning the shop and workshops before re-opening.

With your cooperation and help this will not be necessary.


The collections of repairs as well as items for sale will be carefully considered and where at all possible we will ensure you are protected and the risk of any contamination mitigated by careful sanitation processes we have implemented.

We look forward to seeing you in the near future.


Chris Bessent

01488 682277

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