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Never has there been such an elegant mantel clock. The Joyful Crystal Pearl is wrapped in a beautiful white faux marble case and is accented with gold elements. The eye-catching pendulum swings between the two bell ringer figures. Plays 12 melodies with 6 Hymns and 6 Christmas tunes. Comes with night sensor feature. Musical Motion Clock Ultra precise quartz movement Demo Button Auto Night Shut-Off Volume Control 9.84"H. x 7.91"W. x 3.74"D. 1kg 1 Year Warranty 2 C Batteries Included 12 Melodies (including 6 Christmas songs) Crystals From Swarovski® Rhythm embellished with 100% Swarovski crystals. With superior, Swarovski crystal decoration and unique sound quality, Rhythm is globally renowned as the number one clock brand. Rhythm clocks are the centre of attention, providing a luxurious touch of refined beauty to any style of decoration. Built for a clock lover who appreciates ingenuity, the quality of a Rhythm clock is unparalleled.


SKU: 4895049437537
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