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Standing 31cm with handle extewnded, this is an imposing apring table clock.  Striking the quarters on two gongs the strike will fill a room with its deep tones.

Winterhalder and Hofmeier (clocks) goes back to  Winterhalder Uhrenfabrik in the Black Forest, a clock manufacturer from 1810. It was further manifested from 1850 under the new name Winterhalder & Hofmeier. In 1869 the company was renamed M. Winterhalder & Hofmeier, Friedenweiler und Schwaerzenbach, in Neustadt. From 1908 the new name was M. Winterhalder & Hofmeier GmbH. The company was part of the Black Forest clockmaker industry as its factory was located in Titisee-Neustadt and surroundings and as it subscribed to high quality standards. The company existed until 1933. It is regarded as one of the finest Victorian clockmakers of the time.

Winterhalder & Hoffmeier Ting tang sting table clock.

SKU: 2054249685
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