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How often should I have my clock serviced?

We are often asked, “How regularly should my clock be serviced?”  The answer is always the same: there is no fixed interval. The time to have your clock serviced is when its timekeeping is becoming unreliable or its mechanism erratic.

What happens in the service?

The movement is dismantled and all parts are thoroughly cleaned and checked for wear.  If any wear is found this is removed before reassembling, oiling and testing. In the majority of our work we make new parts by hand.  We will never just replace a part (e.g. a broken spring) without the full dismantling, cleaning and checking process.

How much will it cost?

Customers are naturally interested in how long the servicing will take and how much it will cost.  
The answer to both these questions is that it is impossible to generalise.  Every single clock needs an individual approach and this determines both the time needed and the cost.  What we do provide is a cost estimate following an initial examination and prior to starting any work.  Once this is accepted we do our best to keep to this.

What Guarantee do you give?

We are justifiably proud of our comprehensive three-year guarantee which is provided on our clocks and barometers. Watches have a one year guarantee.  This covers all parts and labour and ensures that customers can have confidence in the quality of our work.  Unusually, it also covers mainsprings.  If, once you get your clock home, you need help in setting it up and adjusting it, we are happy initially to offer advice by telephone.  However, if this is not successful, we will call out to set it up for you but this may incur an additional charge.

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Your needs fulfilled

We visited the store today with a special request and could not find the owner more helpful. His knowledge was extremely extensive and he could not do enough for us. We will definitely visit here again. Thank you


Warranty Information

About Our Policy

The estimate provided is a guide to what, in most cases, the service/repair/restoration of your item is expected to cost. It allows for the possibility that certain parts such as springs may need replacing. 


However, once the work has been started and a more detailed examination has been made of your item, it may become clear that other additional work is necessary which was not apparent when the estimate was given.


If this is the case, we will contact you and let you know what the extra cost will be. Providing that you agree with this, the work will be completed for the revised figure.


In the event that you do not wish to pay more than the original estimate, the item will be returned to you with the work incomplete and the item re-assembled. In such cases, we reserve the right to make a charge for the work we have already done up to that point. 


When the work is completed, setting up the item in your home is your responsibility unless agreed otherwise.  Guidance will be freely available but if a callout is requested this may incur a charge. 


All our work carries a three year guarantee unless indicated otherwise.

Our watch repairs carry a one year guarantee, however where we ensure your watch is fully sealed after servicing, we do not guarantee water proof testing.

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